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How to check Allegiant Airlines flight status?

Are you flying with Allegiant Airline? If yes, then you don’t need to worry about your flight status as you will automatically receive Allegiant Airline flight status via email. But if you did not provide your mail address while you made your reservation or you wish to receive your flight status information through SMS text or voice mail alerts then you can opt for that option also on the official webpage of Allegiant Airline. Other conventional way to know the flight status is that you can call the flight status phone number. You can also go to the official web page of Allegiant on this website go to the flight status page. You have the option to choose By cities or By flight number. If you choose By cities then you need to enter From and To and flight departure date. After that, click on ‘Check Status’ button to check your JetBlue flight status. If you choose By flight number then you need to enter your flight number and then choose flight departure date. Once you have filled in th…