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How to avoid paying Frontier airlines baggage fees?

When flying with Frontier airlines you will find really cheap flight tickets but you will find additional fees on specific seats, checked baggage and also on carry on luggage. But you should know how to avoid paying Frontier airline baggage fees so that you save yourself from paying extra fees.
Tips to avoid paying Frontier airlines baggage fees
You can follow below tips to avoid paying Frontier Airlien baggage fees:
1.       You should choose your seat wisely. When you are booking a flight on Frontier Airlines then you are asked to choose your seat. You should choose seats that are marked as $0 seats to avoid paying additional fees. Because if you choose a seat with more leg room or a seat in the front of the plane, it may cost you ad additional fee. So you should try your best to stay flexible. 
2. You should travel light. It is one of the easiest ways to avoid paying additional airline baggage fees. Each passenger on Frontier airlines is allowed to bring one personal item on the fl…