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How to avoid airline change and cancellation fees- Vietnam Airlines

Time and cost are the two major parts for you as a traveller when you book a flight. Occasionally, it may happen that there are last-minute changes to your planned travel schedule and then you look to change or cancel your flight. In this case Vietnam airlines will usually charge a fee for either of that. However you can apply below tips to avoid airline change and cancellation fees:
1.       Alwaya try to cancel your ticket within the first 24 hours from the time of your booking.
2.       Vietnam airlines can allow you to cancel your ticket when there is a death in the family or there is summon for jury duty. For this you must send the copy of obituary or summons to the airline so that you save yourself from being charged a fee.
3.       When Vietnam airlines change its departure or arrival times then you are allowed to change to a different flight for free.
4.       To avoid airline change and cancellation fees you should book directly from the Vietnam airline and not from the thir…