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How to book Southwest airlines flight ticket?

Southwest Airlines is one of the world’s largest low fare carriers. Southwest Airlines is based in US and it has it’s headquarter in Dallas, Texas. Company has grown big in last few years. Today it has more than 3800 departures every day in the peak season.
It is quite easy and convenient to book Southwest airlines flight tickets online. You can book flights online with best price deal available. On the website of Southwest Airline you can search for flights based on your planned travel and then book the flight by following easy steps there. You need to fill in some information related to your travel. This means that you need to fill in fields like From and To, Departure Date and Departure Time, Return Date and Return Time, Number of passengers, Promo code if you have received any to get discounts. After you fill these information you click on search and resultant flights will appear. You can choose among them and book your flight easily. You can also book Southwest airlines flight t…