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How to check flight arrivals?

If you booked your ticket with Easyjet airline then you have the option to check the flight arrival information quite easily from the website of Easyjet which is You just need to check the Flight Info menu where you will see Flight Tracker once you click on it.
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So, when you want to know the flight status of your flight on Easyjet then simply go to the website of Easyjet and on the home page itself you can see Flight info menu which you can click and choose what you want to know.
If you want to check arrival and departure information then under Flight Tracker you can click on Arrivals and departures. Then you will land onto page where you can choose to get the status by choosing either Find by flight number or by origin/destination option. If you choose by flight number then you need to enter the flight number and if you choose by origin/destination then enter From and To fields. After that, click …