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How to avoid paying airline change fees- Ethiopian Airlines

The Ethiopian airlines is available for the passengers to allow them to go to different places easily with the reasonable rate of the flight and enjoy the trip. When the booking has been done then passengers can also make the changes in their trip and get back the money for their booking. Either the passengers can change the ticket or get the refund for their ticket and book another one.
The cancellation process for the Ethiopian airlines is very easy and the passengers need to go through some of the simple steps to make the changes or the cancellation in the flight. In order to avoid paying Ethiopian airlines change fees and get the new place in the flight there are certain steps which the users need to follow and make the changes.
·        Go to the Ethiopian airlines website
·        Enter the PNR number or the last name
·        Select the option of cancel ticket from the screen
·        Choose the relevant option from the list
·        Select the confirm option form the list