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How to avoid airline change and cancellation fees – Etihad Airways

When you plan your travel then you book your flight ticket. But man times in the last moment you need make some changes to your flight or you may need to cancel your flight in some unfortunate happenings or so on. So, you want to avoid airline change and cancellation fees when you have to. This also applies to Etihad airways. It is better to know Etihad Airways flight change and cancellation policy so that you are aware of fees in advance and you can avoid it.

Cancel within the first 24 hours

You can modify your flight or cancel your flight booking with Etihad Airlines which depends on the fare condition of your flight ticket. You should cancel within the first 24 hours so that you can save some amount on your booking if at all you have to cancel necessarily. If you don’t cancel early then you may lose all your money or you may have to pay a huge fee against cancellation of your ticket with Etihad Airlines.

Flight schedule changes

Sometime you may need to change your flight schedule be…