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How to cancel a Non refundable Philippines Airline ticket

First thing you should know that you can not cancel your booking online. If you wish to make cancellation on your booking, then you can visit or call any Philippine Airlines Ticket Office or you can send an e-mail to may have to pay penalties depending on the conditions attached to the fare. You can cancel a non refundable Philippines airline ticket but you need to check the fare conditions relating to the selected airfare.
Steps to cancel a Non refundable Philippine Airlines
If you have not been issued a ticket due to system timeouts and your Alipay account has been charged, then you may apply for refund by sending a request to The refund amount shall be credited back to your Alipay account.
In case ticket is issued and you decide not to take the flight, then you may apply for refund through any of the following:
1. Philippine-based PAL Ticket Office – You will be given outright cash refund. Howeve…