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How to book tickets on Hawaiian Airlines?

Hawaiians airline is the largest airline in Hawaii. It operates flights to Asia, Hawaii, New Zealand, Australia and US. The official website of Hawaiians airline is www. So, if you have to book tickets on Hawaiians airline then you can do so by following below steps:

1.       Open the flight booking web page of Hawaiian airline

2.       Here under ‘Flights’ choose ‘Roundtrip’, ‘One-way’ or ‘Multi city’ as per your journey plan.

3.       After that enter following fields:

a.       From: - City, Airport or Island

b.      To:- City, Airport or Island

c.       Departure:- Enter your departure date

d.      Return :- If choosing Roundtrip then enter your return date.

e.      Adults:- Choose number of adults in the journey

f.        Children: - Enter number of children of the age 2-11 at the time of travel.

4.       If you have any promo code then, enter that and click on ‘Apply’.

5.       After that click on ‘Search flights’.

6.    …