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How to reschedule American airlines flight online

American Airline is one of the major airlines in US. You can fly to several destinations with American Airlines. Sometimes when you book your flight ticket then before you board your flight your plan changes suddenly and then you need to reschedule your flight. Almost all the airlines in the world allow you to do so. American Airlines also allow you to reschedule your flight online. You can change your reservation and reschedule it online if:
·     Your flight ticket was booked on or through American Airlines Reservations.
·     Your flight was booked by a travel agent or travel website.
·     If your travel originates within the U.S.
·     If your trip isn't an AAdvantage award, booked with a promotional code or part of a group booking
·     There must be at least 3 hours before your next scheduled flight
You can go to ‘My trips/check in” section on the homepage to see your reservation or you can go to "Find reservations". After you retrieve your reservation, yo…