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How to cancel Southwest airlines reservation?

Southwest Airlines is one of the world’s largest low fare carriers. It is a US company and it has it’s headquarter in Dallas, Texas in US. Southwest Airlines Company was established in 1967 and after that it has grown huge. Today the airline has more than 3900 departures every day in the peak season. As on date the airline has scheduled flights to over 100 destinations in 4 states in Puerto Rico, Mexico, Central America and Caribbean. Some of the top cities where Southwest airlines flight fly are Chicago, Las Vegas, Orlando, Oakland, Los Angeles, Atlanta, San Diego and so on. So, when you look to fly to some of these cities served by Southwest Airlines then you book flight on the airline by going to the official website of the airline which is So, if after booking for some reason you have to cancel your flight ticket then you can do it online also.

Steps to cancel Southwest airlines reservation

You can follow below steps to cancel your reservation on Southwest airli…