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How to book cheap business class flights

It is dream of every flyer to fly in business class but many of them are not able to do so as the prices are high for business class tickets. But there are ways in which you can book cheap business class flights. Some of them are mentioned below for your benefits:

1.       Look for Airfare sales. From time to time, international airlines like American Airlines will sell premium business class seats at very reasonable prices. Airfare sales can be offered simply to fill up empty seats or perhaps put the squeeze on a competing airline. You can grab these opportunities.

2.       Look for business class consolidator. You can take a quote from business class consolidator who may have access to unpublished business class tickets which can undercut the normal market fare by 20 to 50%.

3.       Some countries have cheaper business class airfare than other countries. You can look for these countries flights to start your journey in business class.

4.       Split your journey and thus you ticke…