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How to cancel ticket and get refund with Aer Lingus airlines?

If you require canceling your flight ticket entirely and then seek a refund which would be subject to your fare type, Aer Linus airlines has made it as simple as possible for you. The cancellation policy of the airline is specific to fare type that you have booked. Now after booking your flight ticket if you want to cancel and get a refund then you can contact the airline’s staff who will happily help you in this. 

Cancel a flight and get a refund with Aer Lingus airlines
When you want to cancel a flight with Aer Lingus airlines then you can contact the airlines staff and ask for it. If you want to get a refund then you should know refund policy which is dependent on fare type that you booked with the airline. For different fare types you can note refund policy below;
For save or smart fare fares are non-refundable. There is only exceptions which are for flights to and from the US provided you cancel the reservation within 24 hours of making it, and if you made the reservation one week…